1912 Victor Victrola VV-IX

This is a beautiful, Victor Victrola Phonograph that was produced in early 1912. It is fully functional and is a one of a kind piece.

Price: SOLD

The IX was a very popular “upscale” tabletop Victrola. This model used a 12-inch turntable and two spring motor. Production was started in May of 1911 and discontinued in 1924, however, IX’s continued to be shipped to dealers from remaining factory inventory up through the middle of 1926. The IX was available in either mahogany or oak finishes, but mahogany was by far the most popular choice. The progressive suffix letters after the serial number indicate minor changes to the design (location of speed control, type of tonearm support, etc.). The cabinet also went through several minor design changes.¬†Earliest production versions have very closely spaced downward facing slats in the horn opening (left). Small “feet” were added to the cabinet in 1915 (right).

Several companies produced custom base cabinets for the VV-IX (photograph below). Some of these cabinets merged into the base of the phonograph so well, that the combination of phonograph and base appears as one floor-standing machine. These cabinets were made by a variety of companies, including the Pooley Furniture Company of Philadelphia. While Victor never produced a base cabinet for this model, they were frequently sold as aftermarket accessories by Victor dealers. 

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