1920’s Barnum & Bailey Circus Wagon Toy

Large Vintage 1920’s BARNUM & BAILEY Circus Wagon with Elephant, Monkey, Clown and 2 Bears. The circus wagon is complete with all the accessories. Includes both bears, clown, elephant and monkey. This dates back to the 1920’s and made in style of the famous Barnum and Bailey circus. The detailing and craftsmanship are high quality and it is rare to find a complete set.

Just the wagon was sold for over $2600 at Christie’s Auction House in 2002

*The clown is tied down to the wagon with a green string to prevent it from falling off and it can be easily removed. Piece is an excellent shape and has absolutely NO damage. Size: Measures 3 feet long by 20 inches tall by 10 inches wide. Product is made of wood and resin and weighs about 15 pounds

Price: SOLD

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