1832 Powder Horn (Mounted Rangers)

We are listing a truly unique piece of American history that is symbolic of the Jacksonian era, Indian Removal, and birth of the US Calvary . This item is museum quality and 100% authentic. Please feel free to message us with any questions or comments you may have regarding the item or the research below. We are happy to accept offers and appreciate your interest in this unique period of history.
Horn Reads: Asa Brown
His Horn Made 1832
3rd Ohio Dragoons
Asa Brown (1801-1883): Ohio Farmer who comes from a long lineage of war veterans. Father was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and Captain in War of 1812. His son fought during the Civil War and was taken prisoner in Virginia. His great great grandfather was one of the original colonists of the Lord Baltimore colony in Maryland. His son wrote a long book about the family genealogy that can be found online.
We believe Asa was part of the 600 volunteers that were commissioned by Andrew Jackson to be a part of the Mounted Rangers (Birth of US Calvary) in 1832. This was one year commission for civilians on the frontier that really started the focus on the enforcement of the Indian Removal Act at Fort Gibson (Trail of Tears), mounted security of the old Santa Fe Trail, and the historic exploration of Indian territories by Washington Irving . Although the Mounted Rangers were unsuccessful in their mission, they were an important precursor to the birth of the US Calvary. There aren’t many artifacts that reflect this time in history in the American West and the horn is definitely a unique piece.
We aren’t sure where Asa would have traveled with the 3rd Ohio Regiment (we haven’t been able to find specific information citing the Ohio Division outside of George Caldwell’s appointment as an officer, however, it is definitely an interesting period in the development of the United States.
1832 also marked the height of the fur trade in North America in what was largely an unsettled country (Ohio was considered the American frontier at the time).
Motifs/Symbols on Horn:
1. Union Crest
2. His house that he purchased in 1832 (pictured above)
3. Dragoon Axe
4. Mention of the 3rd Ohio Dragoons (George Caldwell was an officer from Ohio that may have led the company)
5. Rifle with Bayonet
6. Plants/Flowers which may have symbolized his role as a farmer
7. Two American Flags with weapons in the middle (Bayonet, Dragoon Axe, and Shovel).
8. Interesting symbols on plug? We aren’t sure if these are just decorative or if they served to represent a deeper meaning.
9 Cannon
*Comes with pamphlet written by Otis Young in 1954 on the history and importance of the Mounted Rangers of 1832-1833
Price: SOLD

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