Early 1900 Candy Bros MFG Candy Container

An amazing,Candy Bros MFG Company Antique General Store Display (4lbs with label intact). To find an intact label on these bottles is a once in a lifetime find!

“This ad promoting the products of the Candy Brothers Manufacturing Company of St Louis appeared in an 1889 issue of “The Western Druggist.” While Candy Brothers jars are fairly plentiful, few are found with a label. Ironically, the jar pictured here just happens to feature the same product label as that pictured in the 1889 ad (with a few minor changes). Based on the jar label’s mention of the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act, this specimen is close to 20 years later than the ad. Perhaps the most interesting part of an old ad like this one is the list of candy flavors these jars once held. The Candy Brothers products included tablets in denominations such as Barley Sugar, Blood Orange, Iceland Moss, Honey Cocoanut, Tolu rock and Rye, and Red Currant Drops. A total of 43 flavors are listed. Wouldn’t it be fun to try them all?”

Price: $295 (free shipping)

Please see pictures for reference and let us know if you have any questions.

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